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Wineknot - Sublime, Subliminal, Substance

Wine bars are aplenty in KL. What makes a wine bar better than the rest? 


If you want to speak of wine selection, thats a fair comment, but seriously, wine bars do not produce wine. Oh, you mean you have a skilled curator or sommelier ... (the latter is almost unnecessary unless you are talking about a 5 star or Michelin starred restaurant with an enormous selection to start with). 

What I am saying, getting a good variety of wines is not difficult, just peruse a few wine review magazines religiously, and try to stock up on those rated 85-88 or higher, further filtered by their prices (as most of wines consumed in wine bars has to be priced between RM150-400) ... just for show, include 10% of your selection of those between RM800-2,000... and you are on your way to becoming a more than decent wine bar. Another trick is to have very few of the first growth, aim for the second/third for value pricing.

Recently, I was introduced to Wineknot @ Taman Desa. To me, it probably i…

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