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Inflows and Outflows - Talking Points

Suffice to say, most market commentators got their predictions wrong, following Pakatan Harapan's victory. Below was the market poll of their views:

*Market Poll*

JP MORGAN - Medium Term Sell

RHB - Negative/Sell

UBS - FBMKLCI  1504-1655

MORGAN STANLEY - Underweight

FIDELITY - Downward bias

NOMURA - Underweight
FX - 12 months Ringgit 4.20-4.30 

ALLIANCEDBS - Buy on dips

DBS - Downside Risk


IHS Markit - Sell

Even my favourite business magazine, covered their asses with a premature salvo. The issue arrived in my mailbox on Tuesday 8 May, the issue was dated 30 April ...

Again, we do not fathom why people get paid big bucks to write nonsense. You get the election results wrong, ok I can understand cause you may not get the pulse of the nation. Or you believed in the machinery of the previous government. Or you believed that the shennanigans, gerrymandering, scare tactics were sufficient to brush aside the power of democracy.

Not getting the election results right is one thin…

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